Queue Management System in egypt

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Queue Management System QSERVE provides integrated solution of Queuing Systems seeking high level of customer satisfaction QSERVE covered the following Models:


Intelligent central queue management system, introducing great performance scalability, flexibility and usability. Multiple portable (Windows, android) / Desktop and Web Based.


Suitable for managing multi-services, and multi-counters for high density queues and large number of service stations (PC based)


Suitable for managing multi-services and multi-counters for medium density queues at medium number of service stations.


Suitable for managing multi-services and multi-counters for lower queues at lower number of service stations and ad-ons, provides Ding Dong/Audio Announcement.

Queue Management System in egypt

Customer waiting system without cables
For simple use in the restaurant, cafe, clinic!

Queue Management System Wireless Queue Calling System is indispensable for finished places that do not want to extend cables between devices to maintain the decor that has been implemented and also for ease of combination as it is composed of one ticket dispenser, keyboard and screen. To contact any customer when his order is ready. The screen will show the relevant numbers.

Wireless connection between the main screen and the dial pad

The amplifier can announce a service number for a reminder

Simple card dispenser to get tickets

Economic price in relation to other systems

Queue Management System in egyptas Multilingual voice call system supports (Arabic - English - other languages as desired)


Product And Solutions OF Queue Management System in egypt

A full explanation of all the details of the types of systems and components, how to install them and how to use them




Service window


Training course


in Egypt

Queue Management System in egypt

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